Support a Healthy Immune System with

The Mushroom of the Gods”

Only 100% Mushroom Extract, From the Full Fruiting Body of Real Brazilian Mushrooms (Not Just Spores) to Deliver the Biggest Benefits for Your Health

Dear friend,

If you’ve landed on this page, chances are that you’re searching for help…

Help to shore up a weakened immune system… Help to revitalize your health… Help to feel more energetic and vital.

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

That’s because we here at Desert Forest Nutritionals believe that the key to supporting a healthy immune system lies in what you might consider a most unlikely place (yet, it’s got a history going back thousands of years).

What are we talking about?

The answer lies in mushrooms – but not just any old mushrooms you buy at the grocery store and not even those supplements you see promoted online.

We’re talking about a very specific, very special mushroom that makes all the difference.

It’s known as the Agaricus Blazei Murrill (or ABM for short) and when it comes to immune system support, it blows all those other mushrooms out of the water.

But, before I get into what makes the ABM mushroom different from all those imitators out there, let’s talk about why mushrooms are so important in the first place.

Thousands of Scientifically-Backed Papers Can’t Be Wrong

Mushrooms are vital for our health and the environment. They’ve been used in Chinese medicine for over 3,000 years, and even Hippocrates – who’s considered the “Father of Modern Medicine”, wrote about using mushrooms to treat diseases.

In fact, something not many people realize is that a lot of the current medicines we use today are derived from mushrooms – everything from antibiotics to pain medications and chemotherapy drugs.

There are literally thousands of papers that talk about the benefits of medicinal mushrooms.

Yet, with all that said, there is only a small group of medicinal mushrooms available… And of those, only the Brazilian ABM mushroom has the nutritional composition to deliver maximum immune support and improved health maintenance.

Here’s why…

What Makes Brazilian ABM Mushrooms the Right Choice?

Of all the medicinal mushrooms, the ABM mushroom is the strongest… The strongest adaptogen you will find in nature to help bring the body into balance. A fact which 50 years of research proves.

ABM mushrooms and their extracts have been used traditionally to combat a wide range of health conditions from diabetes and circulatory issues to high cholesterol, hepatitis, osteoporosis and even cancer. And, numerous studies over the past few decades indicate that they can significantly support overall health and quality of life.

The mushrooms have been shown to:

  • Help promote normal liver health and detoxification
  • Help maintain normal blood sugar levels when used as part of a healthy diet
  • Support immune function and normal immune response
  • Support brain health
  • Increase antioxidant activity level to prevent free radical damage
  • Support normal body weight
  • Help maintain bone health
  • Help promote normal levels of inflammation in the body

That’s why Brazilian ABM mushrooms have been the #1 medicinal mushroom used in Japan for decades.

In fact, the people of Japan believe so strongly in the power of these mushrooms to help support a healthy immune system that can fight off disease that almost all of the Brazilian ABMs grown in Brazil get sent straight to Japan.

And, the Japanese people have begun growing the mushrooms themselves – although they are so difficult and labor intensive to cultivate that it took them 30 years to get the process down.

So, why would they go to so much work?

First, because as a native to the Atlantic Rain Forest in Brazil – some of the most fertile land in all of the world – the mushrooms have a very complete nutritional profile and are packed with 192 different nutrients.

Some of the most important are polysaccharides (those are the compounds that fuel your body and support your immune system), especially beta-glucans which studies have shown helps stimulate the activity of natural killer – NK cells (the cells in your body that attack germs and other invaders that harm your body and your health).

Its amazing level of polysaccharides is clearly shown on the scale used to grade mushrooms where Brazilian ABMs consistently rank as Gold, Extra or Ultra Gold.

Whereas mushrooms (even if they’re ABM mushrooms) grown in China, Japan and the U.S. get downgraded to silver (the lower on the scale they are, the less polysaccharides they deliver and the less effective they are). The reason for the downgrade is that where they’re grown actually changes their nutritional composition since mushrooms are basically sponges for the environment around them, soaking up any toxins in the air, water or dirt.

In other words, a bad environment equals bad mushrooms.

So, an ABM grown in a clean, fresh environment like the Brazilian rainforest will be far more nutritionally dense than a mushroom grown in an area with lots of pollution.

Why Desert Forest Nutritionals Is the Right Choice

That’s why Desert Forest Nutritionals Brazilian ABM mushroom extracts deliver the most immune support available.

The mushrooms used to make our extracts, like those cultivated in the rainforest, are grown only in the most pristine conditions, far from sources of pollution that could destroy their polysaccharide and beta-glucan content.

In fact, we’ve gone out of our way to ensure that each and every mushroom has the highest Beta-D-Glucan content possible by using only the best water and soil and exposing them to the freshest, purest air in an area adjacent to the Atlantic rainforest in Brazil.

That’s a big difference from those imitators out there since 80% of the world’s mushrooms and mycelium (mushroom spore) products are grown in China – which we all know is one of the most polluted countries there is.

As you can imagine, scientific analysis of these Chinese grown products has been found to be high in heavy metals, chemicals, and pollutants…. Not things you want to put in your body!

And, that’s not the only difference Desert Forest Nutritionals delivers…

You see, our extracts are 100% pure mushroom extract – no fillers, no water to dilute it, no cheap alternatives that won’t do anything (except drain your pocketbook) when it comes to maintaining a hard-working, healthy immune system.

Our extract is also made using the optimal water/alcohol extraction method to increase its digestibility and enhance bioavailability of the polysaccharides.

Even more important, we make our extracts using the whole mushroom (the stem, cap, and mycelium), not just the mycelium like most of those products out there.

Why is that important?

Because the mycelium (or spores) alone aren’t as nutritionally complete as the whole mushrooms.

After all, would a tomato seed give you the same amount of vitamins and nutrients as eating a whole tomato?

No way!

That’s why we use the full fruiting body to deliver full-spectrum benefits.

These fruiting bodies of Brazilian ABM mushrooms offer more minerals, including phosphorous, copper, zinc, and potassium than mycelium alone. And, fruiting body extracts also contain higher concentrations of vitamins, like vitamin C, D, beta-carotene, and multiple B vitamins.

In fact, the studies on the benefits of mushrooms extracts are all done based on using the fruiting body – not just the mycelium.

It’s important to note that the mycelium actually contains very little of the vital compounds, vitamins, and nutrients found in the actual mushroom. The FDA doesn’t even allow the mycelium to be called mushroom products since they don’t deliver the same benefits that real mushrooms do.

You know how it works though…

Where there’s money to be made, unscrupulous companies will always find a way and they like to disguise mycelium as mushrooms behind clever labels.

And, they can sell them cheap because most of them grow the mycelium on a grain of rice.

What that means to you though is that you’re not only not getting any of the beneficial compounds found in the fruiting body of the mushroom, you’re mostly getting ground up grains of rice the mycelium was grown on.

When it comes to mushrooms, you get what you pay for.

That’s why if supporting a strong immune system and revitalizing your health is important to you, it’s time to choose Desert Forest Nutritionals 100% pure Brazilian ABM mushroom extracts from the full, fruiting body of mushrooms grown in a pristine environment.

To the Best Health Possible,

Kristina Okuda,

Desert Forest Nutritionals

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