Agaricus Blazei Murill Mushrooms​

Why are these extracts so powerful?

Of all the medicinal mushrooms, the A.B.M. mushroom is superior to them all… With over 70 years of scientific research to confirm thousands of years of mushroom consumption. Agaricus Blazei Murrill mushrooms are an important resource that can be an aid in the effectiveness of our health and wellness plans. There is a long tradition of using A.B.M. mushrooms and their extracts. They are often recommended for those striving to stay healthy. Scientific studies show just how significantly of a role they can play in supporting better overall health and improving quality of life.

…These are just some of the reasons that Brazilian A.B.M. mushrooms have been the #1 medicinal mushroom consumed in Japan for decades. In fact, almost all of the Brazilian A.B.M. grown in Brazil get sent straight to Japan. Why? Because the people of Japan believe so strongly in their power to help support a healthy immune system. These mushrooms are very sensitive to environmental conditions, like soil, temperature, humidity, water, and air. But these mushrooms aren’t just popular in Japan. But beyond just being difficult and labor intensive to cultivate, the overwhelming majority of these people have not gotten the process down, resulting in low quality and low-grade mushrooms that may not contain the same level of vital nutrients”.

Not all A.B.M. mushroom products are the same…

What makes Desert Forest Mushrooms special?

...Our Mushrooms Are Grown in Brazil

“The fertile soil of the Atlantic Rain Forest in Brazil is some of the most nutrient dense lands on the planet and is one of the few places left untouched by modern industrialization.” 

Structurally, mushrooms are much like sponges, meaning that they will soak up all of the compounds, nutrients and ingredients in the atmosphere in which they are grown. And that’s where you can begin to see the difference between mushroom grown in this incredibly rich and unspoiled environment, and those of the mushrooms grown in industrialized countries or highly unregulated regions found throughout Asia. Chemically, over time they come to have a much different composition due to these contaminants which will effect their nutrients they contain along with their benefit to the consumer. This is a problem if you are in need of the health benefits contained in the pure specimen.

Among the A.B.M. mushrooms wide ranging nutritional profile, packed with 192 different nutrients, are the compounds that that are so useful to the revitalization of human body. Some of the most important of these are polysaccharides (compounds that fuel your body and support your immune system), Ergosterol (provitamin D2), beta-glucans (which studies have shown helps stimulate the activity of natural killer cells), and NK cells (the cells in your body that attack germs and other invaders).

These level of polysaccharides are measured and can clearly show on the scale used to grade mushrooms whether a specimen is ranked Gold, Extra or Ultra Gold, or whether they land further down in quality. When tested, Brazilian A.B.M. mushrooms consistently rank among the highest potencies on the scale due to their purity and nutritionally dense composition.

Mushrooms (even if they’re Agaricus Blazei Murrill) grown in China, Japan or the U.S. are often silver grade or lower (lower on the scale indicates less polysaccharides delivered and the less effective they are). But why are Gold or Ultra Gold mushrooms so much more desirable for people? These mushrooms are higher quality and therefore not only more potent, but are famously harder to get.

Downgrades happen when the environment in which they’re grown has actually changed their nutritional composition of a mushroom due to contaminants in the environment. Since mushrooms are basically sponges, soaking up the everything around them,  they will capture and retain any toxins in the air, water or dirt that are in the vicinity.

80% of the world’s mushrooms and mycelium (mushroom spore) products are grown in China – one of the most polluted countries on the planet.

In simple terms, a bad environment equals bad mushrooms.

You should only depend on A.B.M. mushrooms like ours, grown in a clean, fresh environment, deep within the Brazilian rainforest if you need this powerful ingredient at full strength with no fillers or substitutes

What Makes Desert Forest Nutritionals Extracts the Right Choice?

The mushrooms used to make our extracts really are cultivated in the rainforest and are grown only in the most pristine conditions, far from sources of pollution that could destroy their polysaccharide or beta-glucan content.

We’ve gone out of our way to ensure that each and every mushroom has the highest potency possible by using only the best water and soil and only exposing them to the freshest, purest air in an area adjacent to the Atlantic rainforest in Brazil.

That’s our secret behind the huge difference between our full-strength extracts and other low quality products on the market.

Our extracts contain none of the Chinese grown products that have been found to contain higher levels of heavy metals, chemicals, and pollutants due to environmental conditions. Not things you want to put in your body!

We deliver nothing but the real thing.  Our extracts are 100% pure mushroom extract – no fillers or water to dilute it, and no cheap alternatives, because we know you need the real thing when it comes to maintaining a hard-working, healthy immune system and more.

Our products are extracts made from using the whole mushroom (stem, cap, and mycelium), not only the mycelium like many cheap products on the internet. But why is that important?

The mycelium (or spores) alone aren’t as nutritionally complete as the whole mushrooms themselves. After all, would a tomato seed give you the same amount of vitamins and nutrients as eating a whole tomato? No way!

Desert Forest Products Pic

Desert Forest is on a mission to deliver the full-fruiting body of our mushrooms to our clients so we can deliver the full-spectrum of benefits.

Many years ago, we found out while taking A.B.M. mushroom extracts in our own health plans that the fruiting bodies of Brazilian A.B.M. mushrooms offer more minerals, from phosphorous, to copper, zinc, and potassium than mycelium alone. Also, the fruiting body extracts also contain higher concentrations of vitamins, like vitamin C, D, beta-carotene, and multiple B vitamins and higher levels of Beta-D-Gucans.

In fact, we learned that the studies on the benefits of mushrooms extracts are all done based on using the fruiting body – not just the mycelium. After months of tracking down the products from China we weren’t even getting the full ingredient. But what was this mycelium we were buying? 

Mycelium is an important part of the mushroom anatomy but actually contains very little of the nutrients, vitamins or vital compounds found in the actual mushroom. The FDA doesn’t even allow the mycelium to be called mushroom products since they don’t deliver the same benefits that real mushrooms do.

But of course, where there’s money to be made, unscrupulous companies will often find a way to exploit it. One common way being to disguise mycelium as the real mushrooms is behind clever labels, allowing them to sell cheap extracts by growing the mycelium spores on grains or rice starch. Myceliated products contain very low if any of the medicinal properties found in the mushrooms (fruitbody).

These poor quality extracts not only lack any of the beneficial compounds found in the fruiting body of the mushroom, but are mostly full of the ground grains or rice starch the mycelium was grown on. But when it comes to commodities as useful and fragile as these, you often that you get what you pay for.

That’s why we opened Desert Forest Nutritionals, to make sure that those in need of these powerful mushrooms have a trusted source they can rely on. If supporting a strong immune system and revitalizing your health is important to you, it’s time to choose Desert Forest Nutritionals – 100% pure Brazilian A.B.M. mushroom extracts from the full, fruiting body of mushrooms grown in a pristine environment, delivered to your door.

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