The Atlantic Rainforest is considered the world richest source in arboreal species and houses different classes of forests: tropical moist broadleaf found in the coastal plains, and tropical semi-deciduous found further inland. In the much cooler southern region of Brazil the forest is interspersed by Araucaria pines, reaching the height of up to 100ft.

The Atlantic Forest is characterized by a high plant and animal biodiversity and species only found in this habitat and not found anywhere else.

The Atlantic Rainforest stretches between Rio Grande do Norte to Rio Grande do Sul, and spreads from the coast up into the mountains. The vegetation of the forest varies greatly, according to latitude and altitude and as a result there are several different classes of forest.

“The Agaricus Blazei Murrill Mushroom is native to the Atlantic Rainforest.”

Plants and Animals

The Atlantic Rainforest includes: More than 10.000 species, 50% endemic of plants; approximately 1.600.000 species, including insects of Fauna; 261 species, 160 endemic of Mammals; 620 species, 160 endemic of birds; 260 species, 128 endemic of Amphibians and the world richest forest in tree species, which regulates the climate, temperature, humidity and rain.

“The Atlantic Rainforest can lay claim to a far greater
biodiversity than even that of the Amazon Rainforest.”

Rainforests survive due to complex relationships between the trees and plants and tiny micro-organisms or fungi from whom they can extract the minerals and nutrients they need to grow.

Original Area:
498,337mi² (318,935,680 acres) = 15% of the Brazilian territory

Remaining Area:
36,294 mi² (23,227,904 acres) = 7.3% approximately 

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