Can Medicinal Mushrooms Help With The Flu? – Yes They Can!

by : Kristina Okuda Our immune systems are affected not only by stress and diet, but also by the environmental conditions in which we live. The toxins in the air, water, and soil weaken our natural defenses especially during fall and winter. Most people think that there is a cold and flu season but that […]

10 Benefits of Selenium and 12 Signs You AREN’T Getting Enough

What is selenium and why it matters to your health? Selenium (SE) is an essential mineral found in the soil and water. Certain foods contain Selenium like mushrooms, Brazil nuts, eggs, liver, fish (tuna, Halibut, sardines, cod) and certain meats and poultry, sunflower seeds, Oats, oatmeal and cottage cheese. It is very important to have […]