Nature's Powerful Immune Support Brazilian Agaricus Blazei Mushroom

Nature's Powerful Immune Support
Brazilian Agaricus Blazei Mushrooms


My name is Kristina Okuda and my story starts in 2002, when a friend asked me to get them some Brazilian Agaricus Blazei Murrill mushrooms for his father with lung cancer. Growing up in Brazil, I knew where to look for them. I did some additional research on the ABM mushroom and thought it was interesting …… but little did I know that 3 months later I would be in trouble myself!

During that summer, I constantly felt bloated and my stomach grew larger everyday. I knew something was wrong so I went to have it checked out. I ended up being misdiagnosed by THREE doctors! Finally, a fourth doctor sent me to get a scan. That is when I started to take the mushrooms.

After waiting for 3 weeks, I got the confirmation I had a 22 lb ovarian tumor! How can 3 doctor’s miss that? It was a heavy wake up call to what is important in life. I was not ready to say good bye to my life at age 40! I had surgery to get it removed because it could burst at any moment. They told me that if I got it again it would kill me. However, I was determined not have to go through this ever again.

In essence, all of the research I read about the ABM mushrooms proved to be true and it reflected in my quick healing and blood work. Ultimately, this ordeal led me to the founding of Desert Forest Nutritionals, offering a pure authentic line of Brazilian ABM mushroom extracts plus a lifetime of educational support to help people find good health on their terms.

Don’t wait to make your health a priority. Let’s talk now.

-Kristina & Kaz Okuda

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100% Pure:

Brazilian grown Agaricus Blazei Murrill Mushrooms are the only ingredients in our products since 2003

"Mushroom of the Gods?"

Grown deep within the rainforests of Brazil, these incredible specimens contain an entire biomes worth of powerful nutrients not found together anywhere else on Earth.

For 1000's of years, people have been cultivating and consuming these powerful mushrooms for both nutrition and for their medicinal compounds that can support recovery for different health issues and restore balance to systems in the body.

A.B.M. has been widely used in wellness plans for those dealing with conditions such as cancer, elevated blood sugar levels, bloodstream disorders, liver diseases, bloodstream disorders, and digestive issues* They have also been included as part of comprehensive prevention plans for cardiovascular health, improving bone health, promote digestion and weight loss, but their benefits surpass even modern sciences understanding, with more being learned every day.

It's widely known in many places throughout the world that this species of the Agaricus Blazei Murrill is truly unique to the mushroom kingdom, but that doesn't necessarily mean the real thing is easy to get. Making sure you are getting the full strength ingredient may be harder than you think...

*Immune Booster

"Jim’s liver enzymes improved with every blood draw! They have never been better!"
-Tami Heinl, Arizona


"I highly recommend both the company and the products"
-Martha M. Grout, MD, MD(H)-

The best A.B.M. mushroom extract... I haven't found anything like Desert Forest products."

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