New study offers hope for one of the most dreaded cancers – pancreatic

For many years scientists have been trying to develop a new drug for one of the most dreaded and aggressive cancers – pancreatic.

It affects the pancreas which is responsible for releasing enzymes that aid digestion and hormones that control blood sugar levels. This type of cancer is usually very aggressive and spreads rapidly. Common symptoms are jaundice, pain, bowel obstruction, and weight loss.

The survival rate is not the best with the average of 3 1/2 months if no treatment is done up to 8 months with treatment. In general, the 1-year survival is 20% and 7% for 5 years.

The new study on the ABM mushrooms was done on human pancreatic cells to see if the mushrooms can offer new potential for treating this disease. Three different cancer cell lines were used and after adding the extract of the ABM mushrooms, using different concentrations, the proliferation (development of new cells) was examined as well as cell death (apoptosis).

The result of this study shows that the extract of the ABM mushroom significantly reduced the growth of the pancreatic cells by stopping the formation of new cells and also by the death of existing ones (apoptosis). The extract of the ABM mushroom may play an important part in future treatments.

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