What are people saying about Desert Forest Nutritionals?

"Words cannot describe how great this product"

I was surprised that my vitality and life energy came back. I feel like I am in my 50s now by doing preventative care for my own body and health. Words cannot describe how great this product is and the owners are running it with the greatest integrity and honesty with the purest mushroom extract I have ever tried. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Lidia Vadi, Estonia

"My doctor said I dodged a bullet"

I had an ovarian cancer scare. My niece referred me to Kristina. She is from Brazil, Which put me at complete ease because I lived in Brazil for three years. I know medicinal properties work. Kristina immediately shipped me my first bottle of her mushrooms. I started taking them two weeks before my surgery to remove the tumors on my ovaries and the biopsy of my tumors had shrunk in size. My doctor said I dodged a bullet, he wasn’t sure how. I know agaricus blazei Merrill concentrated mushroom extract helped me in real time. I now take it every morning on an empty stomach without fail. It’s properties help to strengthen the immune system on top of helping to kill cancer cells. With COVID-19 pandemic, I recommend this product for everyone and I’m so thankful Kristina takes the time to speak with me when I have questions. There are a lot of pseudo products on the market but this one is native to the Atlantic rainforest in the state of São Paulo in north eastern Brazil.

Perla Druilhet - Laguna Hills, CA

"I don't miss a dose"

“My mushrooms sustained me through the end of my aggressive chemo treatments and have continued to support my ongoing recovery. My family and doctors are all amazed at how well I’m doing, how good my coloring is and how good my check ups are going! I don’t miss a dose.”

Alicia Deets, Arizona

"I was diagnosed with breast cancer"

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005. I chose to seek alternative treatments and whilst researching I came across Kristina & Desert Forest Nutritionals. She was able to educate me on and provide all the backup analysis I needed on the ABM mushrooms. There are so many products out there on the market, so it was reassuring to know that I was choosing to supplement with such a quality grade product. I definitely feel I benefited from adding these to my protocol.

Janet E., UK

"I felt a big difference within 4 days!!!!"

I suffer from an auto immune condition and my energy level is very poor. I tried many things and some helped but only for a while. With the Desert Forest ABM mushrooms, I felt a big difference within 4 days!!!! I’m serious. My energy level went up dramatically. I had energy till 6-7 pm non -stop where before I couldn’t last the day without a nap in the early afternoon. I’m amazed! I’m looking forward to seeing the long term benefits and more improvements!!!!

I. Stern, Arizona

"I highly recommend both the company and the products"

Highest quality, good peer-reviewed literature support, good company. I highly recommend both the company and the products. 

Martha M Grout, MD, MD(H), Scottsdale, AZ

"Desert Forest has the highest quality Agaricus blazei on the market"

Desert Forest has the highest quality Agaricus blazei on the market. As with everything, quality matters, and you must be careful with the sourcing of your mushrooms. I have been recommending this brand of Agaricus to my patients for almost ten years. This is also the brand of Agaricus I used in a research study that won a national award!

Dr. Anne Marie Fine, California

"This amazing Extract has been well worth the cost."

This amazing Extract has been well worth the cost. the knowledge and customer support service & friendship from Kristina has been a blessing ! Since being diagnosed with stage 4 CRC w liver mets close to 4 yrs ago ! I truly believe that it has not only helped my immune system but to keep the disease at bay. I am very thankful for Kristina and this product.

D. Roberts Scottsdale, AZ

"I love my mushroom powder!"

I love my mushroom powder! I use it as a supplement for general good health, as it is the source of numerous micro nutrients. I just feel better when I take it every day… improved energy, mood, focus, inflammation control. I miss it when I don’t take it!

Bonnie A, Arizona

"I have been suffering from Prostatic hypertrophy for about 10 years"

I have been suffering from Prostatic hypertrophy for about 10 years. Since last year, I have had an urge to urinate almost every 30 minutes and the time I could hold started to become shorter. In addition I became copulation impotent. My friend recommended Desert Forest ABM mushrooms and I started drinking the extract it 4 months ago. Because of this, my Prostatic hypertrophy improved and the interval became longer and longer. Now I can hold the same time as before I got Prostatic hypertrophy. At the same time, my copulation impotence has improved also. I strongly recommend Desert Forest ABM mushrooms to the men with Prostatic hypertrophy.

M. Ono, Japan

"I was diagnosed w HER2 + breast cancer in June"

I was diagnosed w HER2 + breast cancer in June and was scheduled to start chemo shortly after. I started drinking ABM mushrooms and one of my largest masses shrunk spontaneously by more than one centimeter before the chemo even started. After one chemo session I was hospitalized and refused to do any more full dose chemotherapy. I continued drinking the extract twice a day and along with integrative oncology therapy my masses melted within 6 weeks. The results were so good that when I had a breast sonogram 3 months after I started drinking the mushrooms the technician who did my sonogram could not believe that the previous scans belonged to me. I was also tested genetically by RGCC which showed that ABM mushrooms were one of the most potent natural healing substances that would work for me. I started drinking the mushrooms before I had my test results. I still drink this extract and I have full confidence that it has helped me tremendously and will continue lifting me up toward a great health status!!

Biana, Brooklyn NY

"My mom was diagnosed with both a very aggressive kidney cancer"

Greta Parker King of Prussia, PA

My mom was diagnosed with both a very aggressive kidney cancer and mesothelioma lung cancer  last October 2018. Her case was determined terminal, and very glum with all of her doctors. I started her on the desert forest nutritionals Agaricus blazei mushroom extract in October 2018 she began a long struggle of going through chemotherapy treatments along with taking the mushroom extract.  
Although my Mom’s Cancer will never be fully cured,  I do believe the mushroom extract has extended her life, and she would not even be here if it wasn’t for her taking this extract. She went through several rounds of chemo as well as two rounds of radiation so far with very few side effects from both. The most side effects she had was being tired, and a little loss of appetite. She never even lost her hair. She is still alive today and continues to take 2 ounces of ABM mushroom extract per day and I truly feel that’s the only reason she is still alive today. Her doctors are astounded that she is still with us with how advanced her Cancer is. She was 80 years old at her diagnosis she just celebrated her 81st birthday with us in September 2019. I am so grateful to still have her with us, and continue to give her the mushroom extract and pray for her daily to continue her journey with fighting this cancer.

"Difference in my body within the first 3 days"

It is the first time I have come across to natural product that showed me difference in my body within the first 3 days. I suffer of heart issues and overall fatigue. From the first day onwards when I started to take this extract, it helped me sleep better, my heart became stronger. My overall wellbeing with my hair not falling out as much as it used to. It is 100% pure as it says on the package. Absolutely brilliant and high quality product. Thank you to Kristina for giving me a proper consultancy and advice on the dosage to take in. The best ABM in the World.

Maribelle Ayres, UL

"I fully recommend giving them a try"

Kristina and her healing mushrooms entered my life at a really scary time.  A large mass was found in my uterus.  I was facing so much uncertainty and Kristina made herself so present and available to any of my questions.  She also educated me on mushrooms and how properly used they can be tremendously healing.  I learned through her how not all store bought mushrooms are equal which was really surprising and upsetting.  I’ve been taking mushrooms supplements daily for the past six years.  Unfortunately, the mushrooms I’ve been taking were in such a small dose and they were lab grown, I benefited very little from them.  Kristinas mushrooms are grown in soil and are jam packed with nutrients.  Within days of taking her mushrooms I noticed how thick my nails have become (I’ve always had brittle nails), how well I was sleeping and how quickly I was recovering from surgery.  I fully recommend giving them a try.

Kylin Hanson - Carpinteria, CA

"Looking for these mushrooms for months"

I was looking for these mushrooms for months for a friend with cancer. I only wish I found them earlier, as I truly believe they would have helped him in his battle. He did tell me before he passed that they gave him energy. I now am taking the extract that was leftover and feel great! I called Kristina the owner of this company as I had so many questions for her. I immediately felt a connection with her and a great sense of trust. She informed me about the mushrooms and their benefits, which is endless. I had heard this and she confirmed it. 

I will continue to take the ABM mushroom from her, as they are from the highest and purest quality. I truly believe in alternative ways to cure many ailments and ABM mushroom is on the top of my list…it’s amazing!! Do your research like I did…

Lori Cianchti, Farmington, CT

"My father was diagnosed with lung cancer"

My father was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2001. He decided to get operated on to get one of his lungs taken out. The operation went well and all the cancer was gone. As he was healing from the operation, we heard about Agaricus Blazei. So, we contacted Kristina & Desert Forest Nutritionals. She has informed us that not only can the ABM help with healing wounds, but also help in preventing the recurrence of cancer. After thorough research on ABM, we’ve learned many different types, cost points, and places of origin make a huge difference in the outcome. Some of the mushrooms sourced from China could lead to mercury poisoning due to possibilities of contaminants in the product. Because of these factors, we decided to go with Desert Forest Nutritionals’ products. After taking the ABM daily, my father felt much better and recovered well. He was cancer free, but at the same time, he was taking medicines prescribed by his doctor to prevent the recurrence of the cancer. Eventually, his liver started to fail and unfortunately he passed away. However, his death was due to the medication he was taking rather than the cancer. Our only regret is not knowing how effective ABM was prior to his operation. I would recommend their product to anyone who is suffering from any type of cancer. Regards,

Mat Yokoyama, Japan

"I was diagnosed with breast cancer"

In December 2015, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The doctors determined that I was triple negative and needed the complete treatment plan. This included surgery, chemo and radiation. I decided to undergo surgery only. After surgery, the doctors still stressed the urgency for me to get chemo and radiation treatments. I was not at peace about either one. So, I searched for an alternative option that would help to build up my immune system. I found Kristina’s website, Desert Forest Nutritionals, with the Agaricus Blazei Murrill (ABM) products. The ABM products seemed promising. Then, I talked to Kristina and got an education in the medicinal value of ABM mushrooms. I started taking ABM mushroom extract after surgery. I had continuous progress at each follow-up appointment with the doctors. Healing was at an accelerated rate and lab results kept improving. After being monitored by the doctors for about a year, they declared that I was “disease free”. To date, I still take ABM mushroom extract, from Desert Forest Nutritionals. Lab results are great and I have hope. Who would have thought that ABM mushroom extract would have such amazing results? I am LIVING PROOF!

R.M., Virginia

"I got a stabbing stomach pain"

I am a male 59 years old.  Last April, I got a stabbing stomach pain.  I thought it was because of an Anisakisasis (which is a parasitic worm) and I went to the hospital.  My doctor checked it by using the endoscope and found out it was not an Anisakis, but it was a tumor about 1.5 inch big.

My doctor told me that the tumor is too big and should be removed by Laparotomy.  I wanted to avoid that and so I tried Desert Forest ABM mushrooms that was recommended by my friend.  I drank it intensively for 2 months, and the tumor shrunk to less than a half an inch.  I did not have to remove it by Laparotomy, but by the surgery using an endoscope instead.

H. Takeda, Japan

"My husband has battled cancer on and off since 1989"

I am writing this testimonial to share our experience with Desert Forest Agaricus Blazei Murrill Mushroom Extract and how it has impacted my husband journey.  My husband has battled cancer on and off since 1989 and we have been so incredibly blessed to have so many medical miracles at our fingertips.  In 1986 he had 2/3rds of his liver removed, in 1989 he had a liver transplant, in 2014 his cancer came back in his pancreas and lung and they were able to remove the tumors as well.  In 2017 my husband had a tumor in his L5 and had the tumor removed and a titanium cage put in to replace L3, L4, L5, S1 and S2 in hopes to help healthy bones grow in its place.  In fall of 2018 he was told he had three new tumors in his spine and it would too risky to operate.  I share this with you so you know how much his body has been through.  We did an aggressive bout of 2x a day radiation for three weeks to “fry” the tumors and we wait.  We were then introduced to this amazing product, which has been such a blessing.  He started taking it along with vitamin C to help with absorption and Jim’s liver enzymes improved with every blood draw!  They have never been better!  His doctors have been watching cancer cells for sometime in his liver and have decided to use a form radiation to get rid of them.  With all of this, his liver enzymes are still at their best.  His spine is stable and there is no more additional active cancer at this time.  This has been a long journey of trials and grace.  We feel so grateful to have found Kristina who I consider an earthly angel who has helped so much.  This supplement has helped with his immune system, has worked hand in hand with the radiation and has helped with over all inflammation.  We don’t know what is ahead but we know that my husband has the best chance for a cancer free or healthy living with cancer with these miraculous mushrooms.  Thank you Kristina for sharing your heart and this amazing discovery! 

Tami Heinl, Arizona

"I didn't find anything like Desert Forest products"

Desert Forest is able to distribute probably the best ABM mushroom extract…I have tried a few other products… I didn’t find anything like Desert Forest products.

JPM, Côte d'Ivoire, Africa

"Please do not hesitate to make an order!!"

This is an awesome Product- I was being treated for Cancer with a procedure, IPT- As a result, my Blood counts dropped Too low- Within 3 days after Consuming this Mushroom extract, I was able to avoid Another blood transfusion. It is very beneficial alone or as an adjunct to prescribed treatment. Please do not hesitate to make an order!!

R. C, Mississippi

"I was diagnosed with breast cancer 10 years ago"

I sought out various alternative medicine treatments, but it proved be ineffective. Fortunately for me, a doctor at the clinic told me to contact Kristina for a mushroom extract. I’m so thankful to have met Kristina. She cared to take the time to educate me on the benefits of the ABM mushroom from her childhood home in Brazil, and how it could support my body’s immune system in fighting cancer. Even though I did have chemotherapy, I had none of the debilitating side effects that I observed in others as I was taking the recommended dosage of the ABM mushroom extract as well, against my oncologists advice, I might add. After the course of chemo, my oncologist called me his star patient as I did so well, and to his surprise was cancer free and he did not expect me to live for more than a year and I am now 9 years past that already. He told me that cancer is treated as a chronic disease and he warned me that there was a high chance of reoccurring disease in the future. The immune system is weakened by the chemo and cancer is likely to return. Since then, I have been taking a lower maintenance dosage of the ABM mushroom extract to support my immune system and haven’t even had a cold in all this time.

S.S. Phoenix AZ

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