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These testimonials are individual experiences of the clients that have been kind enough to write their experiences by how they felt by adding ABM into their journey for better health and well-being. Your experiences are unique and individual through your journey to health and wellness.

"Words cannot describe how great this product"

I was surprised that my vitality and life energy came back. I feel like I am in my 50s now by doing preventative care for my own body and health. Words cannot describe how great this product is and the owners are running it with the greatest integrity and honesty with the purest mushroom extract I have ever tried. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Lidia Vadi, Estonia

"I take it every day"

“My mushrooms sustained me through the end of my aggressive chemo treatments and have continued to support my ongoing recovery. My family and doctors are all amazed at how well I’m doing, how good my coloring is and how good my check ups are going! I take it every day.”

Alicia Deets, Arizona

"I felt a big difference within 4 days!!!!"

I suffer from an auto immune condition and my energy level is very poor. I tried many things and some helped but only for a while. With the Desert Forest ABM mushrooms, I felt a big difference within 4 days!!!! I’m serious. My energy level went up dramatically. I had energy till 6-7 pm non -stop where before I couldn’t last the day without a nap in the early afternoon. I’m amazed! I’m looking forward to seeing the long term benefits and more improvements!!!!

I. Stern, Arizona

"I highly recommend both the company and the products"

Highest quality, good peer-reviewed literature support, good company. I highly recommend both the company and the products. 

Martha M Grout, MD, MD(H), Scottsdale, AZ

"Desert Forest has the highest quality Agaricus blazei on the market"

Desert Forest has the highest quality Agaricus blazei on the market. As with everything, quality matters, and you must be careful with the sourcing of your mushrooms. I have been recommending this brand of Agaricus to my patients for almost ten years. This is also the brand of Agaricus I used in a research study that won a national award!

Dr. Anne Marie Fine, California

"This amazing Extract has been well worth the cost."

This amazing Extract has been well worth the cost. the knowledge and customer support service & friendship from Kristina has been a blessing !  I truly believe that it has helped balance my immune system. I am very thankful for this product.

D. Roberts Scottsdale, AZ

"I love my mushroom powder!"

I love my mushroom powder! I use it as a supplement for general good health, as it is the source of numerous micro nutrients. I just feel better when I take it every day… improved energy, mood and focus. I miss it when I don’t take it!

Bonnie A, Arizona

"Difference in my body within the first 3 days"

It is the first time I have come across to natural product that showed me difference in my body within the first 3 days. I suffer of heart issues and overall fatigue. From the first day onwards when I started to take this extract, it helped me sleep better, my heart feels stronger. My overall wellbeing with my hair not falling out as much as it used to. It is 100% pure as it says on the package. Absolutely brilliant and high quality product. Thank you to Kristina for giving me a proper consultancy and advice on the dosage to take in. The best ABM in the World.

Maribelle Ayres, UL

"I fully recommend giving them a try"

I’ve been taking mushrooms supplements daily for the past six years.  Unfortunately, the mushrooms I’ve been taking were in such a small amount and they were lab grown, I benefited very little from them.  Desert Forest mushrooms are grown in soil and are jam packed with nutrients.  Within days of taking her mushrooms I noticed how thick my nails have become (I’ve always had brittle nails), how well I was sleeping and how quickly I was recovering from surgery.  I fully recommend giving them a try.

Kylin Hanson - Carpinteria, CA

"Looking for these mushrooms for months"

I was looking for these mushrooms for months for a friend. 
I take the ABM mushroom from Desert Forest, as they are from the highest and purest quality. I truly believe that the ABM mushroom is on the top of my list…it’s amazing!! Do your research like I did…

Lori Cianchti, Farmington, CT

"I didn't find anything like Desert Forest products"

Desert Forest is able to distribute probably the best ABM mushroom extract…I have tried a few other products… I didn’t find anything like Desert Forest products.

JPM, Côte d'Ivoire, Africa

"Please do not hesitate to make an order!!"

This is an awesome Product- I was being treated for Cancer with a procedure, IPT- As a result, my Blood counts dropped Too low- Within 3 days after Consuming this Mushroom extract, I was able to avoid Another blood transfusion. It is very beneficial for me. Please do not hesitate to make an order!!

R. C, Mississippi

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