What is Maltodextrin and why are you eating more of it than you think?

Do your supplements contain Maltodextrin?

First of all, what does it matter you may ask? It does, and here’s why….

Maltodextrin is used widely by the supplement industry as an additive, filler (in sugar substitutes) and preservative. It has no nutritional value and the bottom line is – it’s terrible for your metabolism. Absolutely terrible.

Maltodextrin is made from corn, wheat, rice or potato starch and most of them are genetically modified. It is an inexpensive additive used as a thickener in shakes and other foods. Maltodextrin is also highly processed and high on the Glycemic Index (GI) with an index of 130 while sugar is 65. Diabetics should be especially careful.

If you use Maltodextrin or products that contain this ingredient, you may experience spikes in blood sugar levels, allergic reactions Flatulence, weight gain, bloating and gas), asthma, difficulty breathing and skin irritation or rashes and other side effects and it suppresses the growth of probiotics which are important to maintain a healthy gut.

So watch out for those supplements and food labels!

At Desert Forest, we do not use Maltodextrin in our powdered extracts, or any of our extracts, instead, we use organic manioc starch to absorb the liquid before it is dried in the spray dryer. Keeping the nutritional value and integrity of the mushroom extract.

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